How to Make Sure Your Volvo Stays as Cool as You Are During Those Hot Summer Months

Summertime and the living’s easy. Or, at least it would be, if your car was ready to roll on those hot summer days and nights, when you’re headed to the beach, the lake, the cabin… anyplace where the temps aren’t 90-plus and rising, really.

Before you flee for cooler climes, make sure your vehicle is summer-ready. Our Volvo OEM Accessories help you outfit your car for the summer months in comfort and style.

The Heat Is On: Summer Accessories for Your Car

Hot Stuff to Keep Your Car (and You!) Cool This Summer

Featured Products: Floor Mats

The warm weather is finally here! Spring cleaning can be great, really make your home feel fresh after a long and stuffy winter. Well, there’s no reason not to purge your car of any lingering reminders of a winter well-spent while you’re at it. The odds and ends leftover from tailgating the fall football games, carting the kids up to the slopes for a long weekend, or just living the snow and ice and salt and mud that are winter – everything leaves its mark.

After a quick vacuum and detail, genuine Volvo floor mats are a great next step. Our original Volvo accessories line offers plenty of styles to choose from – including all-weather rubber, textile, and combinations of each.

The Volvo All Season floor mat ($139.64 Now $104.39!)—custom designed for our popular XC40 and XC90 models—mimics the look of rubber, but is actually made of soft, flexible, durable plastic. The raised edges provide protection for your Volvo’s carpeting against the damp and dirt of spring. There are some real benefits to OEM accessories, especially for something like floor mats:

  • OEM mats are a perfect color match to your car’s interior
  • they fit tight to the contours of the foot well, because they’re designed exactly for your model vehicle
  • they’re held in place with integrated clips through leak-protected installation holes – meaning fewer leaks, spills or puddles, and much easier clean-up when your toddler somehow finds a way to get his juice box under them, anyhow. (Honestly, it’s as if every 3-year-old is a materials engineer. How on Earth do they manage to get dirt literally everywhere?)

A Slippery Slope Is Best When the Snow Falls

Featured Products: Cargo Trays

Whether you’re taking the pooch for his seasonal “buff and fluff” at the neighborhood pet salon (that’s a thing. It’s totally a thing!) or transporting mom’s mums from the local garden store to your backyard, the XC40 cargo tray with bag holder ($147.29 Now $110.10!) is a must-have for all of your summer forays.

This attractive plastic mat has raised edges that prevent dirt and water from leaking. The mat is covered with a grippy, friction-increasing material, so that your load stays put until you get where you’re going, and the perfect fit of the OEM accessory ensures that the entire cargo area is covered and protected.

In fact, all of our cargo trays are customized to fit whatever Volvo you drive to the shore.

Made with durable rubber, foam, or all-weather material, they look great and keep precious cargo in place – whether you’re toting your four-legged family member or some delicate early summer seedlings. These trays are also easy to clean and designed to match perfectly to your Volvo’s OEM interior.

Bring on the Heat!

Featured Products: Protective car covers

While many of us like to bask in the summer sunshine, we wouldn’t think of doing it without a little protection from those hot (sometimes harsh) rays. Your four wheels could use a little SPF, too. That’s where our car cover comes in. Think of it as sunscreen for your S60.

The V60 car cover ($313.58 Now $252.44!) not only looks good, it also works hard, protecting your “baby” from dirt, debris, and nature’s elements – all to keep that shine as bright as the day you drove it off the lot. Made of high quality, 4-layer fabric, the OEM car cover is elegant and perfectly fit. It can also be locked in place to protect against wind and prying eyes.

The Best Mudslide Is the One in Your Ice Cream Cone

Featured Product: Splash guards

One of our most popular accessories, Volvo splash guards and mud flaps do more than just improve how you look while riding in that V90. Made of crack-resistant rubber, they protect your car’s finish. That means there’s no need to worry about wear and tear during those long drives, when the open road beckons.

So, here’s to a long, hot summer! With Volvo OEM Accessories from Bernardi Parts, that summer breeze is sure to be more than just a state of mind.