Gifts for (almost) Every Volvo Driver

In 2019 so far, Volvo has been one of the rare few car brands to see sales of new vehicles increase in the US compared to 2018. Volvo has a well-earned reputation for safety, but that often leaves consumers thinking of their stereotypical 1980’s-era ‘cinderblock on wheels’—as indestructible as a tank, and every bit as stylish and aerodynamic.

With an updated model lineup, as well as a commitment to electric and plug-in hybrid models across its line, Volvo’s are attracting plenty of people who might previously not have considered themselves quite so safety conscience as to forego any chance of fun behind the wheel.

Seeing all of these new Volvo’s on the road, the Bernardi Parts team thought we would help out the family members of those new drivers by offering up a handy gift guide.

These OEM Volvo parts and accessories mean that, whatever the hobbies, interests and needs of the Volvo driver in your life, you can find the perfect gift. And, because Bernardi Parts sells only original equipment Volvo parts and accessories, and always at the best price you can find online, you know you’re buying the right item at the best price.

For the Outdoor Enthusiast

There’s no greater treat than loading up your gear and getting out for the day. It doesn’t matter if that means skis and snowboards, luggage for an extended getaway, mountain bikes, or kayaks, the hardest part of the day shouldn’t be figuring out how to get to the starting line.

A Roof Rack That Will Get Them to The Starting Line (and Back)

The biggest complaint our customers have with aftermarket roof racks and carriers is the less than perfect fit they notice after installation. Often, aftermarket accessories makers will design a product with the intention that it fit several models. As you might expect, that typically means it doesn’t really fit any of them all that well.

When you buy an OEM Volvo accessory, though, you know you’ll get a “better than custom” fit. That’s because these parts and accessories were designed, from the ground up, by the same team that builds Volvos to be one of the safest and most reliable car brands in the world and with the express purpose that they fit seamlessly and offer the easiest possible installation.

When you combine that great fit with the fact that Bernardi Parts proudly offers the best prices anywhere online for OEM accessories, we’re making your gift shopping this holiday season a whole lot easier.

Volvo Load Carrier

The Volvo load carrier system consists of two square profile rails. They are made of galvanized steel that is covered in plastic to prevent rust and wear, and include an impact resistant cover and rubber enclosure to prevent scuffing up the roof of your Volvo—especially handy if you’re leasing your car and worried about scuffing the paint.

For a sleeker and more stylish solution, there is also the Volvo load retainer

Volvo Load Carrier

Rather than square profile steel rails, the retainer boasts an aerodynamic profile that reduces noise and air resistance, making for a smoother and quieter journey.

Both the load carrier and the load retainer accept the full range of Volvo cargo accessories.

For the kid carriers

Carriers and Boxes

Whatever gear your Volvo driver might need to transport, there’s a Volvo OEM accessory designed to make it easy. Here are just a couple; to browse all of the options for your model, visit our Parts and Accessories page.

Laughing in the face of Volvo’s previous reputation for boring, boxy design, the Volvo Cars Roof Box was designed to provide as much usable storage capacity as possible without detracting from the performance or overall look of Volvo’s redesigned model lineup. 

Volvo Carrier

The sleek, aerodynamic box boasts 350Ls of storage. The design minimizes wind resistance—paired with the load retainer, you might not even notice it’s been installed! The high-gloss white finish is eye-catching and pairs well with any factory Volvo paint color.

For the more active Volvo driver, there’s no better gift than to give them access to the wealth of great rides that exist within a short drive of home. But, getting the bike to the trail or the scenic mountain road shouldn’t bring with it the risk of damaging car or bike. 

The Volvo bicycle carrier is a secure, easy to install aluminum holder. It affixes to the T-track adapters on the load carriers—no tools necessary! The design features an indicator that lets you know when both carrier and bike have been correctly secured, and automatically scales to fit most bike frames. The sturdy grapple arm keeps the bike upright, with soft padding that reduces the risk of damage to the frame. Diagonal quick-release straps fit any bicycle tire width.

Volvo Floor Mats and Cargo Trays

The down side of getting out into nature—if there is one—is that it’s not always so easy to leave it all where you found it. Keeping the interior of your car clean doesn’t have to be a chore. With a set of OEM floor mats and an OEM cargo tray, that “better than custom fit” means there are no gaps or exposed areas available—whether you’re protecting your cargo area from the mud and dirt of a perfect camping getaway or the backseat from the crushed Cheerios and apple juice of a mid-car ride terrible two’s temper tantrum.

The all-season floor mats (for the XC40) visit our floor mats page for additional models and options) look like rubber but are actually made of high-strength thermoplastic. The raised edges capture dirt and liquids, keeping them away from your Volvo’s carpeting. 

Volvo All Season Floor Mats

The attention to detail typical of OEM accessories is evident, too, as the mats fit perfectly to the cabin and there are a number of touches that let you know how much thought and care went into the product design. For instance, there’s the textile foot plate on the driver’s mat that protects your shoes from wear; like most floor mats, these are easy to install, held in place with integrated clips through leak-protected grommets; and, they can be easily removed for cleaning.

If the Volvo driver in your life isn’t quite that hard on their car’s interior, or if they prefer to remain as plastic-free as possible, we recommend the off-black rubber floor mats (for the S60 and V60). 

Rubber Floor Mats, Volvo S60

These include many of the same features and callouts as their plastic counterparts—easy installation, textile patch to protect the driver’s shoes from wear, raised edges to capture dirt and debris—and come in a neutral off-black that nicely matches your Volvo’s interior.

Cargo mats are one of the most popular accessories for any vehicle with a cargo area—from work trucks to kid carriers and everything in between. There’s nothing worse than pulling into the driveway after a grocery run only to learn that that sound you heard when you went over the speed bump totally was 2 dozen eggs falling over and breaking all over your trunk.

If you’re shopping for a Volvo XC40 driver, the cargo tray with bag holder is a great choice. The protective plastic mat is designed to fit the XC40’s cargo area like a glove, and is color-matched to the rest of the interior. 

Volvo XC40 Cargo Tray

What’s more, the mat is coated with a friction-increasing material that keeps your bags and packages from shifting during travel. It also features the same raised edges and contours as the floor mats, to trap dirt and debris before they can spill onto the carpet.

The XC90, which offers a bit more cargo space than its little brother, has an equivalent trunk mat that is designed to fit the 7-seater cabin, whether the third row of seats are up or folded down. For other models and options, just visit our cargo accessories page.

For the perfectionist

Volvo Car Care

OEM accessories make installation a breeze, and the parts are designed to take the care and maintenance of your Volvo seriously, whether that means including rubber spacers on load carriers to protect the finish or manufacturing floor mats from non-abrasive materials to avoid scuffing the interior when you remove them for cleaning. But accidents happen.

Fortunately, Bernardi Parts carries everything you might need to return your Volvo to “good as new” condition. The leather care kit includes water-based cleaners and conditioners that are free from harmful pollutants and fully biodegradable. The conditioning cream protects Volvo’s leather upholstery, and makes future cleanings a breeze. The kit even includes a polishing cloth, sponge, and instructions.

For all of the dings and scratches you might pick up while you’re out living life, we also carry the Volvo touch-up pen. To ensure a perfect paint match, visit this page and select your model, or get in touch with our customer service team if you don’t know your color code.

Bernardi Parts is proud to offer genuine OEM Volvo parts and accessories. There’s a gift for every Volvo driver on our site, and we know you can’t beat our prices!